Get. Some. Ink. I don't believe youGet. Some. Ink.

Welcome to the World of INK.

Bess Wynters is a tattoo teller. When she touches a tattoo, the teenager knows the truth behind the design. The ink speaks to her; it tells her a story. Bess’ mother is a legendary tattoo artist who has created a unique ceremonial experience for her clients, “Ink for the Beloved”. Unfortunately, not everyone who comes through the studio door is trustworthy. Some people have murder in their hearts.

Reading tattoos can save Bess, but reading tattoos can also destroy her.

Love this teenage hellcat heroine!

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An amazing adventure with overlapping tales of loyalty, betrayal, romance, and vengeance.

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“Ink For the Beloved”

An exciting, enthralling, multi-layered story with funny outcast characters.

It’s a mystery embedded with puzzles!